About KG Wear

The KG denim brand is well entrenched in the market. Our consumers have embraced the very unique flavor we create. We are very deliberate about what we do, and KG's individual treatments and styling tells our story.

Passion for the KG brand and its product line is what we do best and our product proves it. We have delivered many new products into the market, yet as this happens we are already seeking the next route for the newest fashion look, how it will be worn and what is worn with.

KG's concept of "Great denim takes time to build" is a reflection and understanding exactly how our customers like to wear the brand, the fabric feel, its finishes and how it lasts. We consider the market, the timing of delivery, the nuances of the right colours for that season. Fit is paramount and we strive to keep in tune with where the market moves, how it is influenced and when precisely to deliver. Fashion denim treatments in particular, wash, are relative to fabric and the desired result is the key to the overall image that the product reveals once it is delivered into retail.

KG's shirting collection is being built on a strong foundation, quality, workmanship and truth to materials. We monitor the trends but strive for a constant point of difference rather than mimick, thus creating something that is our own hand writing, but backed up by what we believe our customers will enjoy and be totally satisfied with. We often wear our newest prototypes to gauge reaction, and many times over we get the results.

KG's cotton & denim core collection has had its routing in regular lines for close to a decade. Our core product has stood the test and is still sought after by our customers. The approach to core product is a particuarly interesting one, in that there are many competitors to consider for the consumer. Once you have an established profile of styling, fit, quality, workmanship and satisfaction your consumer stands by you. This is true to many global brands which we stand alongside with in the retail environment.

KG's winter jacket colletions have strengthend considerably. Our focus is about total customer satisfaction, fabric, fit, finish, garment longevity, qualty and unique appeal we apply in our product line up. Rather than have to much, we focus on the critical styles that can be used for multiple occassions, those styles that have true meaning to our customers. Each new season comes with a newly created style but with all the attributes that our customers expect.

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Have a great year!

Team KG - South Africa